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My name is Heather and I am a 28 year old mommy of two, my lovely daughter Anslie and my sweet boy Bubba. I have been married to my husband David for over 8 years. We live in the B-Springs mixing the army life with the settled church going parent life. Sometimes it’s hard -and not everyone understands us, but we do our best just trying to be who we are. My mom and sisters are my best friends, but I do have a few select girls I turn to when things get tough and they all mean the world to me. I’m also a middle school teacher- so I know there is a special spot in heaven just for me. That’s really about it, a summation of me in less than a college paragraph.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Well, I started this blog for Pants and myself a few weeks back but have yet to actually post anything, but I figure now is as good a time as any! I’m sure my posts will be boring to most- the mundane in and outs of our everyday lives…but if you find them a snore- simply don’t read them!!

Yesterday Pants stayed with her friend Chloe since my Super Sitter was out of town and my mama had to work. According to Chlo’s mom the day went well. Pant’s and Chloe are only a couple months apart, so I’m hoping that they will become the best of friends. However right now they mostly just roll past one another while drooling on yet another toy. Several weeks ago Chlo’s mom made Chloe and Pants matching Eagle outfits. They both wore them to the homecoming game, but our attempts to get a decent picture of the girls together were fruitless. One looks up the other looks down, one smiles the other get distracted, etc. We also bought the girls semi-matching Thanksgiving dresses and I brought Pant’s with her yesterday in hopes that sometime during an 8 hour period the girls could have their picture made together, this time hopefully a little more successfully. BUT that didn’t work out either… Apparently one slept while the other played and vice versa… Oh how babies never agree with their parents plans!! This also gets me to thinking about Christmas pictures and how card orders will need to be placed within 3 weeks!! Yikes. Will I actually get some good pictures of Pants by then? I better get started… TODAY…

My thoughts and prayers today are with all the victims and families of the Fort Hood tragedy … Also for two of my friends who have requested special prayers. Also for Super Sitter and her family as they take a family vacay…